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Globe Runner Game

Globe Runner Board Game

Globe Runner is a classic race around the world board game for all the family that uniquely contains questions on every country in the world.

Learn as you play by answering multiple choice questions on countries, capitals, flags, etc. to get a bonus go and encounter the hazards of crossing Antarctica, rounding the treacherous Cape Horn or getting lost in the Sahara, Amazon or Bermuda triangle!

Adjustable to the age & abilities of the players allowing people with different levels of knowledge to play together.

Quick, simple, fun and a great way to learn all about the world. First around the world wins.

Ski Run Game

Ski Run - The Ultimate Skiing Board Game

Ski Run is an action packed race across the mountain where you try to be the first player back to the resort for the Après Ski.

Pick your route across the piste map board by riding up lifts and racing down runs, whilst trying not to Wipe Out! Will you take the easy blue, or the more direct but difficult black run? Watch out for ice, whiteouts, jumps and the big freeze, whilst hopefully avoiding getting lost or colliding with your competitors. Chase the yeti to find his shortcuts and hire skidoos or heliski to catch up.

The lead changes constantly in this dynamic game of fluctuating fortunes.

A quick, brilliant, interactive game for all the family. Play at home or on holiday for essential après ski fun for all.

Who Knows Where Board Game

Who Knows Where Board Game

Who Knows Where? is the award winning global location guessing game in which you race opponents to be the first player to travel around the world by locating famous places on the world map. With over 1000 locations to guess in 5 categories, including capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts, famous tourist sites and beautiful images of many iconic landmarks it’s a great fun way to learn about our world. It’s quick and simple to play, with everyone playing all the time, so there’s no waiting around.

If you can’t guess you can think about “Who Knows Where” and piggy back on one of your opponent’s guesses, but choose wisely because if they are wrong you will be the one going backwards! Flexible rules to make easier or harder and an eye catching double sided board. With a great combination of knowledge, tactics and luck all players can win.


A Selection of Great Card Games from Wild Card Games


Frenzi Card Game


Frenzi is the craziest, fastest, flipping card game you’ll ever play. 4 colours, 4 numbers, 4 shapes and one fast-fingered, frenzied, frantic, flipping fun game.

Simple rules, quick to play, very exciting and totally addictive for both adults and kids. It’s a lively party game that tests your observation, speed and reactions and gets everyone out of their seat

Astronauts Card Game


Astronauts is the award winning ultimate space card game as you race your opponents to explore the planets and moons of our solar system and then return safely back to Earth.

The fascinating facts on all the planet & moon cards add an educational element, whilst different levels of play make it accessible for a broad range of ages and abilities.

Backpacker Card Game


Backpacker is a fantastic, portable, card game for 2 to 6 players, and just like travelling, it's fun, exciting, fast-changing and very addictive.

Experience all the fun and unpredictability of travelling the world as you try to outwit your opponents to be the player who has returned home with the most photos. Essential for anyone who loves foreign travel.

Mapominoes Card Game


It's like dominoes but with maps, as you build a map by connecting countries that share a common border. Stay one step ahead of your opponents, as you race to be the first player to play all your country cards on the table and win this geography game. A simple game with hidden strategic depth that gives it broad appeal to both children and adults.

Astronauts Card Game


Ah-Harr! – The Ultimate Memory Game

Search Treasure Island for Blackbeard’s hoard of rubies, emeralds and sapphires and use treasure maps to help you on your quest. Send parrots to plunder jewels from other pirates and lead a mutiny to become the new pirate captain and wear the captain’s eye patch. Beware though; Blackbeard’s curse says that things can only be removed from the island in matching sets of three. Quick, simple and cards with special powers mean it is so much more than your standard memory matching game. It’s triple the fun and will get you all totally hooked! “A pirate-plundering, parrot-pinching, treasure-taking, memory-mastering fun game for all”.

Arithmanix Card Game

Arithmanix - The Multi Award Winning Fun Maths Game

There is no waiting around as everyone plays simultaneously against one another to try to add, subtract, multiply or divide the right combination of cards in their hand to equal the Arithmanix number. The excitement builds as you race to be the first player to crack the calculation and then turn the timer to put pressure on your opponents to make their calculation before time runs out. Every round throws up new number combinations and a new calculation to crack, in this clever game that you will want to play again and again. Quick + Simple x Fun = Arithmanix. “A fast thinking, brain training, code cracking, number crunching battle of mental arithmetic”


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